Integrated Market Intelligence Solutions for Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

MZIlios is a provider of capital markets intelligence and shareholder analytics.

With a relentless focus on accurately identifying shareholders for publicly traded companies on a dynamic basis, no other firm can offer such a detailed and accurate level of shareholder ownership information as quickly as MZIlios. Our advantage stems from having:

The best proprietary database developed for accurately tracking shareholder movements;

The most robust network of investor contacts;

Seasoned Analysts with an average of 10 years industry experience in navigating the nuances of shareholder identification; and

An award winning database and CRM tool that is fast and intuitive.


We are delighted to announce MZ Ilios, LLC inclusion into the NYSE Stock Surveillance program effective February 1, 2014. With MZ Ilios Shareholder intelligence, companies are provided with an integrated solution that maximizes the efficiency of their targeting program and measures the effectiveness of their investor outreach. In conjunction with our Shareholder Intelligence program, MZ Ilios provides IR Shareflow, its interactive web based application that provides un-paralleled insight and analysis of what investors are doing in your stock. For additional information click here -


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What sets MZIlios apart from the competition is our singular focus on being the best at providing dynamic shareholder ownership information and analysis. Our unique focus, investigative passion and robust qualitative analysis enables MZIlios to enhance the value of your shareholder information.

Now, as part of MZ Group, a multinational company and the world’s largest independent global investor relations consulting firm, we are able to provide complete solutions to better serve you in domestic and foreign markets.

You'll find the highest quality of customer friendly support from the MZIlios team. Our clients consistently rate their experience with MZIlios as the best in the industry.


2013 IRGR Magazine

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IRNavigator Rated Best CRM Service Provider
Investor Relations Roundtable, part of the Corporate Executive Board, released its CRM Service Vendor Ratings in July 2007. MZIlios’ IRNavigator was rated Best Service Provider by respondents.

"I find the MZIlios CRM system to be very intuitive, very fast, very easy to use, and a remarkable improvement from my experience with my previous vendor"

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