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IRNavigator Rated Best CRM Service Provider

Investor Relations Roundtable, part of the Corporate Executive Board, released its CRM Service Vendor Ratings in July 2007. MZIlios' IRNavigator was rated Best Service Provider by respondents.

"I find the MZIlios CRM system to be very intuitive, very fast, very easy to use, and a remarkable improvement from my experience with my previous vendor"

"The MZIlios platform is very easy to use; it was very easy to find thing and makes a lot of sense in terms of how it is organized and how you can use it'"

"The MZIlios support term was very willing to make changes, to customize things, and to take suggestions and actually act upon them. I made a number of suggestions with my previous CRM service vendor which all seemed to go into kind of went into a "blackhole", never to see the light of day. I made suggestions to the MZIlios staff or asked how to do something and they were very responsive and make changes or adjustments, and do customized things as part of the CRM system that my previous vendor would never had done "If I needed to create a report based on information in the data base, they would come back and say "Here's your report". "

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Last update on February 14, 2011