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MZIlios is a subsidiary of the MZ Group, a multinational company and the world's largest independent global investor relations consulting firm, providing one-stop-shop financial, corporate governance, applied technology and integrated corporate communications services.

Established in 1999, MZ Group focuses on innovation and customized client service with its unique IR business model. MZ Group's shareholders are formed by a group of 33 operating partners (72%) and the private-equity fund JBVC I (28%).

MZ Group's services include: planning and implementing global investor relations programs, market intelligence and database, structuring companies for IPOs, IR applied technology, corporate governance practices, corporate communications and the exclusive Online General Meetings (www.onlinegeneralmeetings.com).

MZ's corporate identity was developed to emphasize commitment to the clients. Why the dolphin?

It is the only aquatic creature capable of defeating a shark, thanks to its speed, strength and resilience (competitiveness)
It never falls into a deep sleep. While one half of its brain is sleeping the other is fully alert (24x7 services)
It is exceptionally adaptable, being equally at home in a tank and the open sea, as well as extremely sociable (relationships)
It constantly breaks with convention, creating its own pace among the waves, while exploring new possibilities (makes things happen)
The logo also represents an upward pointing arrow (commitment to survival, growth and perpetuity)

The MZ Group is one of the global coordinators of IR Global Rankings, helping companies continuously improve their IR programs and meet global best practices through benchmarking and peer comparison. The 2010 edition of the IRGR had over 500 companies participating from 35 countries, award ceremonies and forums were held in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Last update on February 14, 2011