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Integrated Investor Relations Technology Solutions


With more than 10 years of experience specializing in investor relations, the MZ Group has developed proprietary technology systems that enable customers to effectively manage their communications with the capital markets while assuring the best cost-benefit relationship. The systems were created by IR specialists who closely monitor the latest trends in online financial communications (IR Global Rankings) and seek integrated solutions that increase the efficiency of IR programs. Now these services are also available through MZIlios.

Multi-lingual IR Website
Developing, maintaining and operating industry-leading multi-lingual IR website that meets global best practices and local disclosure requirements, including content advisory and building, hosting and 24-hour support services, dynamic investment message, interactive data and modeling tools, stock quotes & charts, Web 2.0, mailing system, web-video features, etc. to create a compelling user experience.

IR Content Management System
MZIlios provides you with a powerful application service platform for managing investor relations contents and services on your IR website. You are able to publish and distribute your IR information, to interact with your investors, to measure results, and to identify investors easily in just a few clicks.

Conference Call & Webcast
MZ Group webcasting service enables you to communicate efficiently with investors all over the world by bringing your analyst meetings and analyst meetings to the Internet through live and on-demand audio / video streaming with presentation slides, Q&A system and transcripts.

Global Distribution Network
While acting as the enabling technology of your online IR services, MZ Group extends the coverage of your IR information through Bloomberg desktops and our newswire network to hundreds of thousands of investors worldwide.

Online Annual Report
MZ Group converts your static documents including annual reports and financial reports into interactive applications with index of content, keyword search and automatic distribution that enable investors to obtain your IR messages in a more user-friendly way.

EDGAR Filing Services
Fast around-the-clock conversion and filing of documents with the SEC in multiple formats, instantaneous updating of IR websites.

XBRL Services
Conversion of documents to SEC-compliant XBRL for live filings, tagging and mapping of data to appropriate taxonomy concepts, and XBRL consulting.

Corporate Governance Platform (to be launched)
Integrated and secure platform through which members of the board of directors can execute all the board's important business, monitor and impact corporate governance and maintain a central resource for matters regarding analyst and shareholder perceptions, trading decisions, peer valuation and value creation.

Online General Meetings
A fully secure and auditable platform for general meetings and proxy voting with digital certification. The system was developed in conjunction with leading law firms and CertSign/VeriSign. Big Four auditors' firm was also hired to revise and optimize the internal control environment of the system.

Direct-to-retail Electronic Campaigns (to be launched)
Enhanced liquidity and retail investor support through an integrated suite of targeted web-based push technologies, virtual road shows and mass electronic communications.

Last update on February 14, 2011