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Corporate Overview


MZIlios was founded with the goal of creating the most advanced platform for delivering accurate and timely institutional ownership information. Following its early success, MZIlios launched irNavigator in 2003, a fast, intuitive and mobile platform for the IR professional, complete with CRM database. In 2004, HotTargets was added to irNavigator to provide clients with an online quantitative targeting solution that derives candidates from the most accurate ownership information in the market.

MZIlios' shareholder research, customized solutions, and seasoned team of analysts make the company the preferred choice for a wide array of clients across the market cap spectrum.

In addition to Equity Surveillance, MZIlios also specializes in:

Fixed Income/Multi-Asset Class Ownership Identification
Perception Studies
Board Reports
Global Shareholder Analysis
Scenario Analysis

MZ Group is a multinational company and the world's largest independent global investor relations consulting firm, providing one-stop-shop financial, corporate governance, applied technology and integrated corporate communications services.

With offices in New York, Chicago, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei, MZ Group currently has over 250 professionals serving more than 500 clients in 10 countries.

Last update on February 14, 2011