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Shareholder Intelligence


Unparalleled shareholder identification accuracy and timeliness provided by the most seasoned analyst team.

MZIlios Shareholder Intelligence services provide companies with the best understanding of important shareholder characteristics and changes. Having access to the most dynamic shareholder information available is an essential investor relations tool.

MZIlios stands out from competitors by being able to quickly and accurately identify shareholder trends and provide valued-added qualitative analysis, including the strategic implications for your IR program.

MZIlios' top notch analysis is built on the foundation of a database compiled over the last decade. No other firm has such detailed historical information on institutional and hedge fund custodial relationships. When coupled with the most robust network of buy-side contacts in the industry, the result is the most accurate shareholder identification available.

Recognizing that each company's stock trades differently and each firm's shareholder base is very different, MZIlios customizes its solution to suit your IR program and management's needs.

Finally all of this is available in an online platform and your mobile device.

MZIlios offers a variety of service levels in recognition of the unique needs of each client's stock and shareholder base:

Daily Shareholder Tracking - For companies experiencing unusual volume and volatility during a corporate action or other significant    trading event.
Weekly/Monthly - 'MZIlios' flagship product, most clients select one of these two service levels. A discussion with one of MZIlios' Sales Team    member is recommended to help better assess your needs.
One-time Shareholder Analysis - Many of MZIlios' clients simply want to discover how their shareholder base has changed since the last 13F filing period or following a material event. MZIlios offers quick, budget-friendly insight into your latest shareholder changes.

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Last update on February 14, 2011